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For example, if there is water on the left and the pin is in the middle or the right side of the green, I'll go at the flag. There are a few main differences when it comes to hitting long irons vs. hitting short irons. Don’t try to do too much and lift the ball up. One of the main reasons amateurs hit long irons offline so much is because the club has very little loft. With such a low amount of loft, it’s nearly impossible to hit these clubs pure from the deep stuff. Yes, the hybrid allows the ball to get off the ground easier but for the one striking the ball, they lose the opportunity to control the distance or the flight of the ball. Then swing that '7-iron' in the same confident way you always do. A 5 iron is great because it’s still relatively easily to hit and can also help with punch shots as well. Plus, the higher the golf ball goes, the more it will get affected by the wind. Hi Paul, Today I took several practice swings in the air before hitting my long irons. If the ball is starting out way left or way right at impact, check out this stick drill in the video to quickly correct your mistakes. Hey wait a minute! But if you swing these clubs just like your short irons, your timing will be a lot better. Your feet should be slightly wider than shoulder width. One … It’s the reason that hybrids market share has grown so much in the last decade. One of the biggest mistakes amateur golfers make with a 5 iron is that they rush the transition. Let’s face it, long irons are a weak part of most amateurs game. It’s important to get slightly steeper so you can make solid contact. This makes it an excellent option as a second club in a par five-hole. Consider adjusting your stance so that the ball is slightly forward. The main reason why a golfer can’t hit their irons consistently is due to incorrect stance, poor contact with the ball, or using an iron that is too long or short for their height. Tips and drills to Hit Long Irons. Ball position is another huge key to hitting long irons consistently, just as it is with being a good iron player in general. But even low handicaps, don’t have that type of consistency with long irons. Next, check your alignment. It’s not something that is practiced enough and easy to lose confidence if you hit a few chunky or thin during your round. Whether you're going for the green in two, trying to hit a green in regulation on a 200-yard par 3, or looking to run one up on a long par 4, let me help you rethink avoiding these clubs. I'm coming off a recent win at the CIMB Classic, and my iron game into the par 5s was a big reason I got it done. That pitches my body toward the target and prompts a steeper angle. How to Swing a Long Iron. It’s a very versatile club that allows you to hit so many types of shots. Long irons are the most dreaded on the golf course. But if some of my weight stays on the right side, I'm in business. I recommend using hybrids. Long irons have longer shafts. Like many golf skills, the first step to hitting an iron pure is getting into the proper position, then developing a good swing– in this case, swinging down and into the ball on the downswing instead of scooping it up on the upswing. Also, if you’re struggling with hitting long irons straight, I also recommend choking up one inch on the club, especially if you’re playing in windy conditions. The longer a shaft is, the more time it needs to enter the hitting area with a square club … Focus on timing and tempo, not swinging out of your shoes! Hitting it low is all about the follow through as well. In fact, it’s really hard to do unless you have enough swing speed and a repeatable, consistent swing. It is critical to hit the ball solid with your long irons. With the wrong setup, it’s nearly impossible to hit long irons or hybrids consistently. While it might be slightly longer than a mid-iron, don’t over do it to driver level. Don't get me wrong; I make a good turn, and my arms are extended away from my body—that's a good feeling to have—but the point is, I'm not overswinging. Using Your Irons Effectively Let the club lift the ball rather than trying to force it into the air. different web browser. Instead, to hit long irons consistently, widen your stance, position the ball accordingly, and swing smooth. Practicing for a Consistent Stroke Use your irons on the driving range. The ideal ball position to hit long irons is the front-center of your stance. Remember that long irons still have plenty of loft. © 2020 DISCOVERY GOLF, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Tour Technique: Secrets To Pure Long Irons, USE OF AND/OR REGISTRATION ON ANY PORTION OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF OUR. If it's off, you're not going to hit the ball very well. If you want to hit it high, make sure to finish high. Insert details about how the information is going to be processed, How to Play on a New Golf Course for the First Time, Golf BandAid: How to Self Diagnose and Correct Bad Shots Mid-Round, Playing Golf with your Significant Other: How to Get your Girlfriend into Golf, Cold Weather Golf Gear: How you can Turn January into June. The tendency with longer irons is to put more effort into the shot than you would if you were swinging a pitching wedge. As a general rule, the longer the club, the wider the feet. Too often, what happens when amateurs try to hit long irons is they let their wrists do the work, attempting to "scoop" the ball. Clay Ballard: Now the pros hit their irons, and they just boom, way up in the air, float, and float, and float, and float. A Drill to Hit Your Irons Better. Even they struggle with hitting long irons from the rough. The biggest difference is the ball position. Using an alignment stick or an extra club will give you a great visual representation of where you should be swinging on the way down. You have got an awful lot of them in the bag, so you really need to get it good right from your short irons, through to your long irons. Remember what I said about aggressive swings toward conservative targets. If you can bomb it off the tee and play sharp around the green, you have two of the three essentials licked. You are using an unsupported version of Internet Explorer. If you ever watch me swing a long iron, you'll notice that although I'm about to hit a long shot, the shaft of my club does not reach parallel at the top. This will only lead to low, thin skulls that can lead to high numbers. Most players want to try to help the golf ball get airborne. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you use what clubs help you shoot the lowest score, not what clubs you used to make it happen. When you address the golf ball, your left shoulder will be in front of the golf closer to the target. It's a bad habit of mine, and I see it a lot from everyday players. When I'm too steep, it's usually because I have too much weight on my left side as I start down. It is important to create effortless club head speed with your long iron swings. Guide to Practicing Golf at Home. It is important to concentrate on “striking” the ball rather than “scooping” it. Here’s how to hit it extra high when you need to ride the wind or get over something on the way to seeking the flag. The point is don’t get shamed into it using them from your buddies. Instead, you want to start the way down a little slower and accelerate at impact. This is a huge mistake! This leads to the maximum amount of speed before you actually hit the ball. Ball position is another huge key to hitting long irons consistently, just as it is with being a good iron player in general. First, your goal should be to pick a conservative target so you'll feel better about making an aggressive swing. As there is less loft, it’s easier to hit these clubs low, under trees, and shape them back into play. When you put the ball too far in the front of your stance, it’s easy to make contact with the ball on the way up. While it should be behind normal, don’t put it off the back of your right foot. Long irons are the hardest clubs to hit. Another benefit to being shallow is good extension of the arms, which improves contact and power. Here’s everything you need to know about how to hit long irons and start giving yourself chances to shoot some of your lowest scores yet. Long irons, on the other hand, are often approached with trepidation. Once you have confirmed the ball position and stance, next up is to address your grip and hand position. Just ask any amateur golfer and even low handicap players. One of the best shots to hit during a round is a high long iron that lands soft and gives you a great look at making birdie or eagle. Amateurs tend to overcorrect and position the ball too far in the front of the stance. Chris Nunn, director of golf at The Burstead Golf Club in Essex, says: “The one thing to focus on with the longer irons is balance. Most players want to try to help the golf ball get airborne. I'll take you through my strategy and swing thoughts with them and have you playing the longer holes better in no time. While it is a lot of fun (and … Now remember, the purpose of this drill is to teach your body and mind how the proper motion … Most amateur golfers setup too narrow which makes it nearly impossible to get the full shoulder turn. Sign up today and as a bonus receive your FREE So it’s really important that you are good with your irons. If you struggle with your 3, 4, and 5-irons, you can probably transform your game just by learning how to hit a hybrid. The ideal ball position to hit long irons is the front-center of your stance. Instead, position your hands slightly ahead of the ball and try to have your left wrist match accordingly. Iron shots make up a big bulk of the shots that you would hit on an entire round of golf. “SWING YOUR 4-IRON WITH THE SAME TEMPO AS YOUR PITCHING WEDGE.”, APPROACH CONFIDENTLY It also leads to potentially swaying on the way back instead of rotating around the body. If you’re a high handicap player, don’t make golf any harder than it already is. The Drill used by Tiger Woods How to hit long irons Now for most golfers, the long iron has been abandoned for the rescue hybrid . Instead, use a hybrid if you have one or open the clubface slightly with a long iron. We all want to hit those high, long iron shots. If you don't swing at least 95 mph, replace your long irons with a hybrid club or two. If you’re struggling to hit the ball solid with your long irons, then by all means, play the ball in the middle of your stance or a ball or two forward of center, like you would an 8-iron. Check out Golf Digest All Access to get over 150 lessons on any of your devices, at any time. Nowadays, most golfers replace long irons with hybrids. If that’s the case, you want to make sure you can hit your 5 iron with a ton of consistency. Good weight distribution is vital. Similarly, you want to be able to hit long irons low as well. But if the pin is near the water, I'll aim away from the trouble and try to work the ball back toward the green. I focus on where I want the ball to end up, and I set up to make that happen by taking shot shape into consideration. A 3 iron usually has around 21 degrees and a 4 iron normally has 24 degrees of loft. The biggest mistake I see players make it putting it too far back in the stance. For example a 70 year old won’t hit as far as a 25 year old. However, this does not mean that they cannot be mastered and tamed. In fact, don't try to hit the ball at all - just make a smooth swing at it. Move the ball slightly up in your stance, but not too much. TAKE YOUR TIME Oftentimes, if you try to swing too hard you’ll forget to pause at the top and rush the transition. DECLARE YOUR INTENTIONS Practice your starting stance and … Don’t fall into the trap of trying to use power alone to move the ball long distances. The small club face and delofted status can make long irons rather temperamental and unpredictable. I didn’t nail every one, but there was a big improvement from the last round I played. Irons are important as they are used for long shots out of the rough or approach shots near and around the green. You just have to trust the loft and swing like 7-iron. If you want to hit it higher, you can either hit a fade or use hybrids. I call this drill the “waggle hit” because it starts with a motion very much like the waggle many players take before their swing. They send chills down the spine even of the best golfers in the world. It’s so impressive to see it pulled off correctly. You're better off swinging slower and making sure everything is moving in the right downswing order—body, arms, hands, then club. This will make the ball stop quicker on greens, making it easier to play a long hole where you have to hit a long iron for your approach shot. The design of the club head helps you get the ball up in the air even with a slower swing speed. It is critical to hit the ball solid with your long irons. Isn’t sweeping and sliding the same thing? These two basics are crucial to set up the rest of the swing. By choking up, you make the club slightly shorter and easier to control which is crucial if you’re hitting into the wind. How to Hit Long Irons – The Proper Grip The standard interlocking golf grip is perfectly suitable for hitting long iron golf shots. Whether you're going for the green in two, trying to hit a green in regulation on a 200-yard par 3, or looking to run one up on a long par 4, let me help you rethink avoiding these clubs. Required fields are marked *, Over 10,000 golfers already enjoy our newsletter. Timing is super important. Hitting long irons isn’t something that everyone will pick up the first time around. But it is 100% possible and achievable once you learn the basics. Pretend the club in your hand is a 7-iron and the distance you have is 7-iron distance. Most everyday players, however, loathe their long and middle irons and are reluctant to use them. Think of the ball as merely a point on the path of your swing. If you need some more help make sure to check out this drill to help you make more consistent contact when you’re hitting off a tee or from the fairway. A high 3 or 4 iron that carries 230, lands soft and set ups an epic putt. Shallow Angle of Attack / Fat Shots. If you’re in single digits, then a 3 or 4 iron is usually the longest iron. Using a longer club creates the tendency of a harder swing. But you can control the ball better with your long irons if you can hit them well. Just because it’s a long iron doesn’t mean you need to swing like John Daly on the way back. Hitting irons may be the difference between scoring a good or bad round. What if you hit the dreaded straight shot? Practice hitting balls with this 9-to-3 swing. This is especially true into the wind, so take your time. That should get it done any week on tour. Consider adjusting your stance so that the ball is slightly forward. Try to keep your follow through below your shoulders and more in your rib area. One big misconception of hitting long and short irons is that you need to hit long irons with a hard swing. But shots with long irons are supposed to fly lower than your middle irons. The 5 iron oftentimes the longest iron in the bag for most amateurs. Whether you're hitting a 4-iron from 200 yards or 9-iron from inside 100 yards, knowing the proper technique for iron shots is a key to success. The long bottom makes it easy to sweep the turf so you don’t have to hit down on the club. I am still pushing a few to the right or slicing a little, so I am going to do the roll-over drill … Use whatever club you need to get the job done. But there’s a problem with that. Consider the fact that as we age our distance seems to disappear. Amateurs tend to overcorrect and position the ball too far in the front of the stance. Try to be more thoughtful.

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